Walker Park Splashpad

Due to the popularity and expressed desire for a splash pad, Fayetteville Parks and Recreation staff has been working to bring this facility to our citizens.  Splash pads are non-slip aquatic play areas with misting, spraying, and jetting water features, containing little or no standing water.  They have become very popular as a means to provide kids and families with a new way to cool off in the summer. 

Walker Park was the location chosen for the initial splashpad facility, primarily due to its size, available space and existing parking facilities.  Through public input sessions and an online survey, the northwest corner of the park, adjacent to the skateboard park, was chosen as the splashpad location.  Through a competitive selection process, a contractor was selected to finalize the design and construct the facility.  The plans are currently being implemented, with the splashpad expected to open by late July 2018.

The addition of a splash pad is very exciting. Walker Park, located in south Fayetteville, is one of the oldest parks in the City’s system. It consists of approximately 74 acres and is currently home to youth baseball, a skate park, sand volleyball, tennis, basketball, handball, soccer, disc golf, picnic areas and pavilions, playgrounds, open space play areas, community gardens, as well as the Senior Activity Wellness Center. The park has grown through the decades as additional land was purchased and improved. The majority of these improvements were developed utilizing thorough and thoughtful planning efforts.  The addition of a splashpad will complement the existing facilities and expand summertime activities in the park.

Park activities and uses have changed over the years aligning with current trends and needs of the community. As the City has grown and changed, Fayetteville Parks and Recreation has worked to continue providing recreational opportunities and resources that meet these community needs. The proposed development of a splash pad is an effort to respond to these needs. This is a facility that the public has been very vocal about and it is very satisfying to see this become a reality.