Wilson Park Improvements 2017

Fayetteville will soon begin working on the installation of a new playground facility at Wilson Park, located in the heart of the city. This new facility will consolidate the two existing playgrounds into one active play area that will accommodate early childhood (ages 2-5) and intermediate (ages 5-12) users and will be located on the same site as the existing larger structure, just west of the existing gazebo. The new construction will be preceded by demolition of the existing playgrounds in order to prepare the site.

The City is very excited to be able to provide this new facility. Wilson Park is one of the oldest parks in Fayetteville and continues to be one of the most popular. The existing playgrounds are well over 20 years old and have been “loved to death”. Due to its use and popularity, these components have simply been worn out. New play facilities have been needed for quite some time.

The new playground will consist of one large structure offering a variety of play opportunities for ages 5 to 12, a smaller, similar structure for ages 2 to 5, as well as a variety of free-standing components, games, and benches. The fall-zone area beneath the play equipment will be surfaced with impact-absorbing, resilient rubber tiles for safety.

In addition to the new active playground, the City will also be constructing a separate musical playground made possible through a generous donation from local contractor, Fadil Bayyari. This facility will consist of free-standing, musically tuned percussion instruments including a large “Grandioso Chime”, a “Vivo Metallaphone”, an “Animoto Metallaphone”, and free-standing drums including a Kettle Drum, Kundu Drum, and Goblet Drum, each offering a unique sound. This facility will be wheelchair accessible and will allow kids and adults of all abilities the opportunity to create beautiful music.
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